Flip-Chart: Effective Vocabulary Instruction

Flip-Chart: Effective Vocabulary Instruction

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Strategies for Effective Vocabulary Instruction Flip Chart provides just the instructional practices and strategies you need to ensure that your students have the vocabulary they need to be successful learners.

Designed to make choosing the right vocabulary strategy to fit your purpose easier.


This flipchart provides teachers with a clear set of steps to explicitly teach new content vocabulary strategies and terms to ensure that their students will be more successful at learning and retaining the critical vocabulary within State and Common Core standards. We especially think that it provides excellent support for teachers as they expand their focus on tier-two words that will enhance students' comprehension of complex text.

Teachers agree that this is a ‘must-have’ planning and instructional tool to become highly proficient, implementing the expectations of the Common Core, and addressing the need for students to understand 95% of the words they hear and read. 

This valuable resource will help teachers make decisions concerning: 

  • Steps for Implementing Effective Vocabulary Instruction
  • Teaching Vocabulary Strategies and Terms
  • Previewing and Activating Strategies
  • In Context Strategies
  • Summarizing Strategies
  • Word Walls
  • Implementation Checklist and Tips
  • Rubrics

This flipchart provides teachers with quick access to a variety of practical and beneficial practices and strategies that will have the greatest impact on raising achievement for ALL students.