The Differentiation Workbook

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Second Edition.

A practical step-by-step approach to differentiated instruction for teachers.

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Everyone agrees that differentiated instruction is important, but few know how to differentiate effectively. How do I meet the needs of ALL of my students, especially when their needs are so diverse? Does Differentiation mean that I have to make up three different assignments every time I give an assignment?

If you have ever wanted the answers to any of these questions, then this is the book for you. Designed to provide teachers with a practical approach to differentiated instruction with a step-by-step guide that: 

  • quickly and easily diagnose your students'abilities
  • design lessons that meet your students where they are
  • identify strategies that work with each type of student
  • anticipate confusion before the lesson
  • develop a plan for students who fall behind
  • keep all students engaged and challenged
  • reduce the amount of time you spend on remediation
  • ensure that all students achieve mastery
With practical worksheets and easy-to-use tools, this workbook helps you easily and effectively integrate differentiation into every aspect of your instructional practice.